Mykro Monkey


Microlife Pack with Bacillus and Rhizomes

Mykro Monkey is a specific action product based on mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria in the rhizosphere. A complete “microlife” pack with Bacillus and rhizomes that stimulates the plant’s enzyme system and improves soil structure and microbiological activity so that your plants need less fertilizer to develop.

It promotes root development and seed germination. It can be applied to either the leaves or the roots. Compatible with most plant protection products and foliar fertilizers except mineral oils and copper derivatives.

Apply 0.5–1.5 grams per liter of soil: 0.5 grams in greenhouses, 1 gram for soil recovery, and 1.5 grams indoors. 


Nitrogen 5
Phosphorus 13
Potassium 6
Magnesium 0,4

pH 8
Organic matter 21%


Microlife Pack with Bacillus and Rhizomes

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Weight 1 kg

500 g, 1 kg