Monkey Myko


Monkey Myko are fungi and mycorrhizal spores, which act as biological fertilizers and regulators. They are vesiculo-arbuscular endomycorrhizas of the genus Glomus Intrarradices. Penetrate the root of the plant, strengthening its growth and facilitating the absorption of nutrients. In adult plants apply 2-3 grams per plant.

Using Monkey Myko generates more robust root systems and increases the proliferation of hormones that stimulate secondary roots growing that give the plant greater firmness.

Nitrogen 15%, Phosphorus 13%, Potassium 13%, Organic Matter 52%, pH 8, EC 1.47, Humidity 40%.

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Monkey Myko contains fungi and mycorrhizae spores. It acts as a biological fertilizer and strengthens the root system.

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