Monkey Soil

Monkey Soil have been conceived as high-quality products in order to preserve our crops and global environment. Sustainable and natural growing is our objective, in order to allow the true personality of each gene to be appreciated.

To ensure a full development of our plants we must take the nourishment of the substrate as a starting point. Offer the best to the soil where the plants will grow from and obtain major results.

Monkey Soil’s substrates and fertilizers have been conceived to meet the needs of the most demanding growers. Our different products have been designed according to the specials needs of each crop and accordingly they are composed of selected and tested raw materials from the Balkans, India or Madagascar.

Monkey Ecosoil products are a novelty in the market. They are ecological and tested substrates specifically created for organic farming, with Ecocert Control. Heavy metals free and suitable for therapeutic culture.

Monkey Klone germination trays are a product to be highlighted due to the excellent results they are achieving. They contain organic fertilizer and rooting hormone; and they have been specially designed both for seeds germination and to create cuttings.

Encouraging a healthy root system development is essential for the plant to grow strong and resistant to possible pests and diseases, thus avoiding the use of chemical products to eradicate them. Better safe than sorry!