Monkey Klone


Monkey Klone is a germination tray that contains organic nutrients and rooting hormones to increase root growth. Seedbed suitable for germination process or to make clones. There are two sizes of Monkey Klone: ​​104 and 150 alveoli. Each alveolus is prepared with a mixture of peat and nutrients to obtain excellent results during the germination process as well to healthy and strong clones.

It is a product widely tested, with 100% efficiency. Using Monkey Klone trays during the first phase of growth of the plant favors an extraordinary development of the roots.

The way of using the monkeys is very simple: you just must hydrate the substrate and insert the seeds in each of the alveoli. Mix of coconut peat and sphagnum peat.

It provides nitrogen, NPK, iron and calcium carbonate.

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Spaghnum peats
Calcium carbonate

pH 5-5,5
Real density 250-300 kg/m3


Seeders with Organic Matter Fertilizer and Rooting Hormone

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