Monkey EcoSoil Outdoor


Ecological Substrate 100% Organic

50 litres bag

Monkey Ecosoil Outdoor is a soil suitable for organic farming with Ecocert SA F-32600 Control. It is appropriate for therapeutic uses and is heavy metals free. It is a clean and complete substrate, with peat extracted in 7-20 blocks of first quality, that allows plants to grow without additional fertilization. It contains coco which stimulates roots development. Monkey Ecosoil Outdoor balanced soils mix produces a thick texture, perfect to ensure an optimal level of water retention.

Product usable in Organic Farming according to EC Regulation n ° 834/2007 and 889/2008, NOP and JAS.

Blonde Peat 45%

Peat extracted in blocks 7-20 25%

Coco 30%


Fertilizer of slow release

pH 6.2

EC 0.3

Spaghnum peats

pH 6,2
EC 0,3


Ecological Substrate 100% Organic

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