Monkey Dolomite


Natural supply of calcium and magnesium

5kg can.

Dolomite is a mineral used in agriculture for its high calcium and magnesium content. Its neutral pH helps buffer the pH of the subsoil, especially in acidic soils. It promotes photosynthesis in the plant, strengthening it, as well as the presence and activity of microorganisms in the soil.

Can be applied directly to the subsoil or to irrigation water. Recommended dose: 1 g per liter of soil, during preparation of subsoil. Apply to irrigation water in very low doses and never in automated systems because it may obstruct them.

Iron 0,2
Granulometry 0.1 - 1mm
Calcium 30
Magnesium 21
Alumina 0,5

pH 9
Humidity 0,1


Natural supply of calcium and magnesium

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Weight 5 kg

5 kg