Light Mix Pro


Complete Indoor and Outdoor Growing Substrate

50 litres bag.

Monkey Light Mix Pro is a complete substrate for indoor and outdoor growing. Premixed organic blend that will cover the first four weeks of plant development, no extra fertilized is required. It contains peat extracted in blocks that keep a moss structure and provides a good physical structure and a good sponginess to the substrate. Mixing substrate that contains sphagnum peat in blocks H2-H4 and H4-H6, medium coco fiber, lime, calcium nitrate, perlite and NPK.

Spaghnum peats
Black peat
NPK 22-7-7

pH 5,5-6
EC 1,4
Organic matter 65%
Real density 250-300 kg/m3


Complete Indoor and Outdoor Growing Substrate

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Weight 10 kg