Light Mix Evolution


50 litres bag.

Monkey Light Mix Evolution is a substrate made of peat with coco that suits both indoor and outdoor culture. Thanks to its excellent oxygenation level and water retention capacity, this substrate enhances root system and plant internal structure. It is a light substrate that allows irrigation and fertilization from the first weeks of growing.

Substrate mixture containing sphagnum block peat H2-H4, peat and coconut fibre, lime, calcium nitrate, perlite and NPK. Real Density 300-330 kg / m3, pH 5.5-6, EC 0.8, MO 65%. Type A substrate. Heavy metals content is lower than authorized limits for this classification

Place in a well-ventilated soil or pot where the crop will be grown. Control irrigation to maintain a good humidity level.

Store in a dry space at room temperature. Keep away from foodstuffs, beverages and animal feed. In case of irritation by dust wash with abundant water. Do not ingest.

Spaghnum peats
NPK 22-7-7

pH 5,5-6
EC 0,8
Organic matter 65%
Real density 300-330 KG/m2


Light Substrate for Indoor and Outdoor Culture

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