Monkey EcoSoil Indoor


Ecological Substrate for Indoor Culture

50 litres bag

Monkey Ecosoil Indoor is a tested substrate for a 100% organic cultures with Ecocert SA F-32600 Control. It is suitable for therapeutic uses and is heavy metals free. It has fine granulometry for indoor plantations with fertilization plan. Monkey Ecosoil Indoor is made of superior category peat with a high percentage of coco, which stimulate the root development and promotes water retention.

Product usable in Organic Farming according to EC Regulation n ° 834/2007 and 889/2008, NOP and JAS.
Control Ecocert SA F-32600.

Spaghnum peats
NPK 7-4-7

pH 6,2
EC 0,2


Ecological Substrate for Indoor Culture

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